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Zone TODO List

Now Later
High Priority

* FDM Auth Class

* Repair/prepare resin printer for use

* Assess large format resin printer

* Purchase resin printer accessories

* Shelf enclosure for FDMs

Low Priority

* Setup resin zone

* Create resin printer auth class

* Printed Things Store

* Purchase UPS or power strip

* Purchase desk

* Purchase rolling table

* Standardize on FDM filament


This section is a list of printers we have, their status (broken/functional), among other equipment of note.

Status Equipment Description

Not operational

Prusa Mk3

Located in the black metal box. Setup to print ABS, ASA, PETG and PLA.


Prusa Mk3

Located on shelf. Setup to print PETG and PLA.


Prusa XL

Located on the shelf.


Ender 3

Located on the shelf. Setup to print PETG and PLA.

Not operational

Elegoo Saturn

Medium sized resin printer


Mercury X Wash

A wash station used in conjunction with resin printing


Mercury X Cure

A cure station used in conjunction with resin printing

Consumables On-Hand (probably)

FDM Filament

Type Color Brand Size Percent of Spool Remaining
PLA Silk Silver Unknown 1.75mm < 25% of 1kg
TPU Grey Amazon Basics 1.75mm 100% of 1kg
PLA Yellow Inland 1.75mm 100% of 1kg
VillaGlass? Black Vilarox 1.75mm 25% of 1kg
T-PLA White? Clear? Nature? 1.75mm 75% of 1kg
PLA Fluo-orange Unknown 1.75mm 50% of 1kg


  • Basic Grey


  • FDM Auth - In development!
  • Resin Auth - In development!
  • FreeCAD - Typically held monthly

Wish List

In no particular order

  • Plastic recycler / filament maker
  • UPS for FDM area
  • UPS for resin area
  • Desk
  • Rolling work table
  • Large format resin printer
  • Resin printer accessories
    • Flex plate
    • Extra feps
    • Handles
    • Splash mats
    • Extra gloves
  • 3D Scanner
  • Delta printer
  • SLS powder printer - possibly this
  • Zone Store stocked with
    • Heatset inserts
    • Neo Magnets of a variety of sizes
    • Small metric nuts and screws


  • Octoprint
  • Prusa slicer

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