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Some of our tools require a safety/authorization course before use. This is required so that everyone who comes to KM has the same level of education on our policies and expectation.

You can find upcoming classes on our Events calendar -

or in the Events channel in Mattermost -


  • CO2 Laser (Moonraker)
  • Fiber Laser (Crossbow)


There are no tools that require authorization in the Electronics zone. If you want help getting started on a tool there, feel free to ask!

3D Printing

  • Extrusion style printers
  • Resin style printers

Fiber Arts

  • Embroidery Machine (Beauty)
  • Industrial sewing machine (Beast)
  • Sublimation printer (Sublime) and heat press

Regular sewing machines do not require authorization

Arts and Crafts

  • Stained Glass area


  • The entire Zone: Woodworking 101
  • Large lathe


  • The entire Zone: Machining 101
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Metal Lathe


  • The entire Zone: Metalworking 101
  • Torch cutting


  • The entire Zone: Blacksmithing 101
  • Power Hammer (Thumper)