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Board Meeting: May 17, 2015

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at Tech 20/20 board room
  • 3:00PM-5:00PM


Voting: Sam M. Doug L. Jondale S. Issac M. James B.

Attending: David B.


  • 3D Printing Meetup Group is good idea but punted due to time constraints.
  • Jondale appointed Tech Director.
  • We are now categorized as a vocational school instead of a factory in new space plans. This means making some minor changes to the plan involving the bathrooms. Sam is working on a P&L statement.
  • Sam gave us a financial update. Still being converted fully over to Quickbooks.
  • Need to improve visibility of ticket system. Assign open items to someone.
  • Website in development. New hosting will be used for development and then switched when ready. Think about wording to use on webpage.
  • Issac prioritizing new access system. The interface is well under way. The next step determining hardware. James will be making recommendations.
  • Outreach
    • National Maker Faire possibility June 12-13. Application submitted, decision May 18.
    • Still deciding on other maker faires. Depends on time of move.
    • Maybe take on take part in Millenium Falcon Project later this fall after move.
    • We'll have a booth at Pellissippi MakerPaloosa. Thursday, June 18th. 10am-4pm. James taking point. Announce Tuesday, ask for volunteers.
  • Fighting machine Tournament pushed off until after move.
  • Looking at Creative Placemaking grant. Focusing on Community Development.
  • ABC grant would require a specific program. Still working on this.
  • Think about a possible Newsletter.
  • Voted to move to new hosting.
  • Upgrade Google Apps to non-profit status.
  • Press releases for big events only.
  • Advertising budget update and speak about adding to it when necessary and after move.

Agenda Items

  • revisit 3D printing Meetup group
  • revisit Tech Director/Secretary
  • space move update
    • Sam - P&L Statements to Justin
  • volunteers to help with the move and remodel
  • financial review
  • review Trouble Ticket Items
  • Check webpage update status
  • Makhan's ticket system
  • Outreach
    • National Maker Faire (June 12-13)
    • Revisit Nashville Mini MakerFaire
    • Revisit Chattanooga Mini MakerFaire
    • Revisit Atlanta MakerFaire
    • Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project
    • National Week of Making
      • Pellissippi MakerPalooza
  • Fighting machine tourney update
  • Library Outreach update
  • grants
    • Creative Placemaking update
    • ABC update
  • UTK Business School Final Report
    • review Final Report
    • communication
    • website redesign
    • assign actionable items
  • Hosting/Domain/SSL
  • Google Apps Non-profit
  • Press releases going forward
  • Advertising budget
  • Upcoming calendar