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Board Meeting: July 28, 2018

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 1:00 PM


Board: Doug Laney, James Broyles, Tracy Homer, Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton

Non-Members: Penelope Laney (for a very brief but adorable time)


  • Billy installed a light in the Machining area - is he allowed to do that? Sue also wants more lighting in her area.
  • Discussed proposed new member rules about using volatile chemicals in the space
  • Talked about the Machining area spending money they don't have to add a fastener store. Decided to approve Billy's spending.
  • Reviewed last month's finances.
  • Talked about how we are awesome.
  • Discussed one of ETTAC's new renters that will slightly impact Knox Makers' space
  • Doug reminded us that our board terms this year were half up and encouraged us to come to him with anything we need to succeed better as board members and make Knox Makers better.
  • Tracy carries a lot of shit.
  • Started getting into how the website can help board members with their jobs and decided to make it into a working meeting for later.
  • Doug also reminded us we should be documenting our processes for future board members.
  • Issac talked about how he needs more pictures of KM goings on, and is willing to risk dick pics to do so.
  • Doug brought up the 2018 board retreat - probable for early November. Possible topic - increasing volunteerism.


  • Voted unanimously in Jay as new leather-working czar
  • Issac voted for taking light money out of the general budget
  • Voted unanimously to add verbiage to the member rules about chemical usage