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Board Meeting: January 5, 2019

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 1:00 PM


Board: Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Tracy Homer, Bryan Howard, Laurie Kay, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston

Members: Andrew Messersmith, Tony Baker, Duskin Fairchild, Susannah Alexander, John Nowack, Jason Colby, Devin Colby, James Broyles, Sean Simoneau

Non-Members: LuAnn Smith


  • Issac welcomed general membership
  • Issac handed out agenda (with cats)
  • Tracy gave financial report
  • Andrew updated us on codes situation
    • Waiting on punch-list from electrical contractor
    • Work needed was much less than originally thought and we can DIY some of it
  • Andrew gave update on grant progress
    • We maybe don't need stamped plans for pole-barn - yay save money!
    • Opted for larger porch and the building is a little more expensive but not much
    • Received $2000 grant check from Aslan Foundation
    • Sent plans to architect but holidays delay things sometimes
    • Architect has submitted the plans to the city for the classroom wall, not really any update from that.
    • Maybe we don't have to use super expensive sound proofing materials - we could do good enough with just standard drywall and insulation
    • Will we have to resubmit plans? We don't know.
    • Installing a door is not cheap, but we have to do it.
  • Discussed Conflict Resolution Policy that Tracy and Issac put out.
    • Andrew suggested some linguistic sugar to the beginning to give more of the intent of the document
    • A question was asked regarding what to do if a member has an issue with a Peace Officer
    • A question was raised about how to get rid of a Peace Officer - decided to bring that back up at the end of the meeting (after the Bylaws discussion)
    • Issac asked Laurie to remove herself from the meeting so we could sweetly talk about her behind her back.
  • Issac handed out a document with the intended candidates for the 2019 Board of Directors
    • Fearless Leader (President) - Issac Merkle
    • Membership Dictator (Secretary) - Tracy Homer
    • Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer) - Sue Joslin
    • Events Coordinator - Tabitha Sheldon
    • Community Director - Sean Simoneau
    • Technical Director - Jondale Stratton
    • Facilities Director - Bryan Howard
    • Wizard of the Webs - Billy Huddleston
    • Development Director - Andrew Messersmith
  • Creative Director position is bullshit
  • Issac pledges to be useless as the president going forward
  • Issac introduced the next topic - proposed updates to the Bylaws
    • Please see upcoming Annual Member meeting email to view proposed changes made to the bylaws
    • If Duskin wants a party, she better have it quick.
  • Bryan pointed out that all of our votes have been unanimous, and no one was wearing their name badge
  • Issac brought a binder for Laurie to add projects
  • Next board meeting scheduled for February 2nd at 1pm


  • Voted unanimously to create Blacksmithing zone
  • Voted unanimously to appoint Andrew Messersmith as czar of Blacksmithing zone
  • Voted unanimously to take all air filters from general fund instead of each individual zone's budget
  • Voted unanimously to add new Conflict Resolution Policy to the Membership Rules, contingent on changes discussed
  • Voted unanimously to select Ray and Laurie as Peace Officers for 2019; to be voted upon at the annual meeting
  • Voted unanimously on the changes handed out by Issac, contingent on changes discussed