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Board Meeting: February 2, 2019

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 1:00 PM


Board: Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Tracy Homer, Bryan Howard, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston, Tabby Sheldon, Sean Simoneau, Andrew Messersmith

Members: John Nowak, Tony Baker, Susannah Alexander


  • Discussed whether we should video these meetings. We do not know yet. Perhaps in the future, as it was not set up yet.
  • Issac handed out Board Conflict of Interest Policy for the board.
  • Board members signed that they understand and will abide by the policy.
  • Jondale did not know that his pen is purple.
  • Sue gave the membership count (169) and financial update.
    • January revenue was about average.
    • Pushing 2019 Operating Budget to next meeting - need to gather more information first
  • Andrew updated on codes compliance
    • We have done some work for the electrical codes - yay!
    • More work to do in the danger bay - unsure what else to do to proceed.
  • Andrew updated on grants
    • Received go ahead from the city with plans and permit.
    • Andrew learned that we have a Board Storage area and where it is.
    • Andrew is working on creating a site plan for the Outdoor Metalworking Area.
  • Sean brings up some community outreach opportunities - if anyone is interested in the following, please contact him.
    • Kingsport Makerspace Open House March 2-3
    • Kingsport Mini-Makerfaire in July
    • Ashville Mini-Makerfaire on April 6
    • Louisville Mini-Makerfaire in fall
    • Archetectual Conference in early April
    • NOMCOM 2019 in Chattanooga - June 14-16
  • Issac brought up making a Communications Tool Kit.
  • Tabby suggested having booths at comic-cons as well.
  • Knox Makers has been subpoenaed to provide a member's assets stored at the space, and member dues owed to him/her.
    • Discussed how we will deal with this in regards to our privacy policy.
  • Knox Makers is maybe past the stage where we need a sugar daddy (maybe?).
  • Andrew related a situation where a member was possibly shooting a commercial in the space.
    • Sean was also at the space and confirmed Andrew's story.
    • Billy also confirmed this, and said the member contacted him to give instructions on using the mill in the production.
    • The member referred to the situation as a "photo shoot" but it seems clear that this was a video production.
    • This is in violation of our non-commercialism policy, and this member has run up against this policy before, so in our view, he/she was not unaware of the policy.
    • This also violates the spirit of the "guest policy". Guests can be brought in to promote or work on projects. It is not clear if the guests signed waivers as well.
    • Discussed what communication should be between Knox Makers and the bank.
    • Discussed what to do regarding the member violating our core values.
  • Discussed applying for the Knoxville Community Agency Grant.
  • Billy brought up a possible project to change our address to Brady St. and then also apply to change Brady St. to Maker No Not Laser St.
  • We sent Billy to do more work.
  • Next board meeting scheduled for March 3rd, 2019 at 2pm


  • Voted unanimously to obtain a lawyer to deal with the subpoena.
  • Voted unanimously to hire "Lawyer A" as suggested by Issac (Issac recused himself from voting).
  • Voted unanimously that going forward, Knox Makers will provide any members with subpoenas served regarding him/her, and also send Knox Maker's decision on what will be done with the subpoena.
  • Voted unanimously to send an email (to be written collaboratively) and sent to the member in violation of the core values to request an explanation of his/her actions.
  • Voted unanimously to apply for funding from the City of Knoxville to set up a scholarship program