COVID19 Response

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Knox Makers is organizing efforts to create and provide protective equipment and support to our local health community.


Face Shields Laser Cut Part (svg)

3D Printed Part single (stl): PETG, ABS, ASA, PC, PLA, Nylon

3D Printed Part stacks (PLA stl): PLA 1x2, PLA 1x3, PLA 1x4, PLA 1x5, PLA 1x6, PLA 1x7, PLA 1x8

Bias Tape Makers 5cm_wings, 5cm_no_wings, 4cm_U_fold_wings, 4cm_no_wings, (thingiverse source)
Surgical Mask Straps 3D Printed part (stl): Suraky's Remix (thingiverse source)

Face Shields

A face shield to be worn by medical workers. Our design is based on the Prusa Face Shield with alterations made in response to feedback from UT Emergency Department. It involves a 3d printed part printed part, a laser cut part, and button hole elastic.


3D Printed PETG, ABS, ASA, PLA, PC, Nylon (please print the corresponding file)
Laser Cut An acetate plastic

7mil to 20mil (thicker is preferred)

Page for 3D printing suggestions

Bias Tape Makers

Bias tape makers help make the pleats in the fabric masks. They can be 3d printed and are helpful to the community making these masks.

Fabric Masks

More info soon

Surgical Mask Straps

The surgical mask straps hold the elastic that normally is held by a health worker's ears. It helps save the irritation caused by prolonged usage. These can be 3d printed.