Camera Policy

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Our security cameras are meant to:

  • increase members’ safety and comfort
  • safeguard tools and organizational assets
  • limit organizational liability


Large areas of the Knox Makers workshop are covered by security cameras. Imagery captured by the cameras is stored digitally. No audio is captured or stored. The intention is to create a visual record of individuals’ arrivals, actions within the workshop, and departures. To accomplish this, it’s necessary to capture recognizable likenesses.

Privacy Safeguards

Security video is archived for a period of two weeks, after which it is destroyed. When an incident is being investigated, video may be preserved and/or extracted from the system. Only the elected principals of Knox Makers – its Board of Directors and Peace Officers – may access security video. Each access of security video requires pre-approval by a Board quorum. A minimum of two such principals must be present for any security video review, at least one of which must be a Board member. Each security video review must be publicly documented at security_camera_review_log to include:

  • date and time of review
  • purpose for security video review
  • principals present
  • video dates and times reviewed

Security video will only be reviewed in response to significant incidents.

System Sanctity

No attempt to manipulate, bypass, defeat, or access the security camera system without authorization will be tolerated.