Discrete ADC Kit

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The Knox Makers Logo Badge educational electronics kit (KM-001) features six self-flashing LEDs and is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery. Through-hole construction and low parts density make this kit ideal for the soldering novice.

Parts List

Qty Part Designator(s)
1 printed circuit board -
1 USB Jack -
3 0.1uF capacitors C1-C3
11 LEDs, 5mm or 3mm D1-D10, D12
34 4.7k resistors R1-R34
1 Potentiometer, 1M R35
1 Switch, SPDT SW1
2 LM339 quad comparator U1, U2
1 L74HC148 encoder U4
1 LM4030BCD 4.096V reference U4


[Coming soon: PDF via Github]
[Coming soon: Build Video]


[schematic and board layout (Kicad), Gerber files

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