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Electronics Kit Build Instructions

Kit Number Description Components Technology Image
KM-001 Logo badge 6 resistors, 6 blinking LEDs, battery holder Thru-hole KM-001-board.png
KM-002 Holiday star 10 resistors, 10 blinking LEDs, switch Thru-hole KM-002-board.png
KM-003 Candy cane 19 resistors, 19 blinking LEDs Thru-hole KM-003-board.png
KM-004 Coronavirus 8 resistors, 8 blinking LEDs, switch Thru-hole KM-004-board.png
KM-005 Discrete Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with binary encoder 3 capacitors, 11 LEDs, 34 resistors, potentiometer, switch 4 integrated circuits Thru-hole KM-005-board.png
KM-006 Surface mount learn to solder kit with 9 blinking LEDs 9 resistors, 9 LEDs, switch Surface mount: 1206, 0805 KM-006-board.png
KM-007 Optical theremin 5 capacitors, 1 LED, 23 resistors, switch, 2x integrated circuits, 9v battery clip, speaker Surface mount: 1206, 0805, 0603 KM-007-board.png
KM-008 Free form artistic soldering 4 resistors, 4 LEDs, 1 switch, 1 USB power jack, and whatever you add to it Through-hole KM-008-board.png