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Beginner, no experience required:

Electronics 101: Intro to Electronics

Schematics and Breadboarding

Intro to Arduino

Intro to DSP Filters

Intro to AC Circuits (voltage, current, resistance, ohm’s law)

Intermediate: Intro to Oscilloscopes (familiar with voltage, current, resistance) Intro to Transistors (should be familiar with voltage, current, resistance, ohm’s law) Intro to Analog Circuits (should be familiar with voltage, current, resistance, ohm’s law) Power Supplies (should be familiar with voltage, current, ohm’s law) Noise, Filters and the Frequency Domain (voltage, current, ohm’s law, sine/square waveforms) Intermediate KiCAD Using rotary encoders with microcontrollers)

Advanced: Advanced PCB Layout Advanced Serial Communications (I2C, SPI experience)

Various Electronics Classes We’ve Put On

Class Type Description Suggested Experiencce
Project Arduino Music Box No experience required
Project Intro to KiCAD, design a PCB No experience required
Project Custom Macro Keyboard No experience required

Electronics Kit Build Instructions

Kit Number Description Components Technology Image
KM-001 Logo badge 6 resistors, 6 blinking LEDs, battery holder Thru-hole KM-001-board.png
KM-002 Holiday star 10 resistors, 10 blinking LEDs, switch Thru-hole KM-002-board.png
KM-003 Candy cane 19 resistors, 19 blinking LEDs Thru-hole KM-003-board.png
KM-004 Coronavirus 8 resistors, 8 blinking LEDs, switch Thru-hole KM-004-board.png
KM-005 Discrete Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with binary encoder 3 capacitors, 11 LEDs, 34 resistors, potentiometer, switch 4 integrated circuits Thru-hole KM-005-board.png
KM-006 Surface mount learn to solder kit with 9 blinking LEDs 9 resistors, 9 LEDs, switch Surface mount: 1206, 0805 KM-006-board.png
KM-007 Optical theremin 5 capacitors, 1 LED, 23 resistors, switch, 2x integrated circuits, 9v battery clip, speaker Surface mount: 1206, 0805, 0603 KM-007-board.png
KM-008 Free form artistic soldering 4 resistors, 4 LEDs, 1 switch, 1 USB power jack, and whatever you add to it Through-hole KM-008-board.png