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These are the tasks we need to complete before the October 13, 2018 KILLSWITCH Deathmatch.

Task Notes Skills Needed Challenge Accepted By
level arena floor floor sections not currently bolted down to frame. some sections may be off-square? metalworking (?)
add compressed gas bottle holders to frame construct and weld to frame brackets for propane and nitrogen bottles so they don't sit on the ground, but are contained and integrated metalworking doug (design), (?)
add battery tray to frame construct and weld to frame tray to hold two car batteries metalworking (?)
rework power supply to acomodate 12V battery option add cutover switch and cabling to enable 12V battery operation rather than relying on external 120VAC source electronics, maybe light metalworking issac, (?)

calibrate controller & weapon timing arena brain firmware did not get calibrated last year before being put in service coding, pneumatics issac & doug
replace exhaust fans existing exhaust fans have died; need to be replaced with new, reliable ones electronics issac
brand arena our name and logo should be added prominently to all sides of the arena painting(?) (?)
make "KILLSWITCH" sign for arena roof we need a carnival-style sign to go on the roof. it will need tall legs to get above the awnings and need to be removable for transport. it should have blinking/chasing LED lamps. electronics, construction, coding issac & (?)
install exterior lighting exterior lighting was assembled, but not installed, last year electronics, 3d printing issac, james, (?)
secure and reinforce walls clear plastic walls currently taped in place. should be secured to frame [somehow] and a stronger "rail" added down low to contain new, more violent bots. ideally, low rail should be clear as well so kids can still see in. (?) (?)
add cameras inside arena video from inside arena would greatly aid later promotional efforts. a four-camera video surveilance system is available for use if desired. electronics, (?) (?)
recruit referee we need someone conversant with the KILLSWITCH rules on the hook to watch bouts, call foul as necessary, and declare winners assertiveness, observation (?)

Want to get involved..? Awesome! Post in the KILLSWITCH channel of our Mattermost server or mail the Board.