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Machining Tools and Manuals

Status: Large Vertical bandsaw still needs attention. We need to wire up the motor to a VFD (Andrew has stated that we can barrow the one from the 2 x 60" belt sander) to test the motor. If test is successful, Motor has been tested and is good to go, we need to reinstall the motor, clean up the bandsaw, remount the yoke and the table and get it prepped for a 3-phase power drop.

CNC Enclosure is now in place, work on the CNC will proceed soon. A new X axis ballscrew needs to be purchased and then some milling needs to done on the base, the saddle and bullnut mount made. Ballscrew has been ordered and received. Base has been milled. Saddle has been milled for the ballnut and a mount has been made. Need to mill oil groves in saddle and drill oil ports. Table may need some material taken off the bottom for clearance. The column spacer and head spacer needs to be milled out too.


The existing stand is too large and bulky for the Mill. It's taking up way to much space. A smaller stand like this would work better for the Mill. $161.24 + 43.56 shipping

We'll mount the Mini-lathe to this toolbox. The existing medical rolling cabinet is too large and bulky, drawers on both ends confusing, and it's too low to the ground. $184.00 + Tax