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Welcome to the Knox Makers Wiki!

Write Access to this wiki is limited to members.

About Knox Makers

Here is a history of Knox Makers

List of tools

Link to Tool Documentation and Manual pdfs


Membership Rules - Here is a place to find the rules that our members are expected to follow.

How to Become a Member - An overview of the process.

Functional Areas

Knox Makers has several distinct areas in our workshop, and each area has an area leader known as a Czar (or Czarina). The areas and their respective Czars/Czarinas are:


Vision - Our Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values

Board of Directors - A list of our current directors and their working items.

Bylaws - The corporate organization and other major items details are covered here.

Officer Duties - A description of duties performed by the board of directors.

Meeting Minutes - Minutes from our monthly board meetings

Logo - Knox Makers Logo

Knox Makers Privacy Policy - Privacy Policy