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Excluded Offenses

  1. Any topic that is excluded from the Membership Rules is subject to be added as an amendment on a per case basis. If no repercussions exist before the amendment is made, any offender will be grandfathered in for that one instance and is hence forth held to any repercussion for future occurrences.


  1. Proposals to amend the Membership Rules must be presented to the board for review and approval.
  2. The final approval for amendments to the Membership Rules must pass a 2/3rd vote by the board of directors.

Group Promotion

  1. Promotional pictures, accounts, and / or other recollections of meetings or events may be recorded via video, photograph, or audio recording to be used in future advertising or promotion.
  2. If you would prefer not to be involved in promotional materials please feel free to avoid being in a location where you may be included in a picture that is being taken.

Membership Rules

Becoming Member

  1. All new members must fill out an application of intent to join.
  2. New members are probationary members for 1 calendar month.
  3. Probationary members are required to pay $50 application fee (counts as your first month's dues). This fee is refundable if membership is declined by either party.

Accepting new members

  1. Probationary members having completed 1 calendar month of participation in the group will be eligible for Full Member status.
  2. The membership will be notified via email at least 5 days in advance of all probationary member's impending upgrade to full member status.
  3. Any issues with probationary members should be communicated to the board directly.
  4. Issues raised will be discussed by the board prior to deciding upon promotion of the probationary member.

Probationary Member Limitations

  1. Probationary members are expected to attend meetings and put forth effort to get to know the group.
  2. Probationary members will only have access to the space during open house events or meetings when other Full Members are present.
  3. Probationary members will not have unsupervised workshop access.


  1. Members must comply with the eligibility requirements specified in the Bylaws.
  2. Current members should be paired with new/interested party so they have a kind of mentor/sponsor. If no member steps up, the President should attempt to take the responsibility but may pass the responsibility on to another officer.
  1. Any minor in the space must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.

Suspending and Terminating Membership

  1. Membership may be suspended or terminated from the organization for any of the following reasons:
    1. Any reason specified in the Bylaws Article IV, Sections 6 and 7.
    2. Any activity which results in the endangerment of the status of the organization or its property, as determined by the board.
    3. Any activity judged by the the board to be outside of the realm of acceptable behavior.

Rights of Members

  1. Every Full Member has the right to vote on any issue put before the membership.
  2. Every Full Member has the right to vote for officers / board members during the yearly election.
  3. Members are provided access to the space (pending acquirement of the group's space).

Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Policies

  1. No illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia under any condition are to be present or used in the space, or at any function sponsored by the group.
  2. Anyone obviously under the effects of drugs may be asked to leave the space, or any function sponsored by the group.
  3. Use of alcohol must be limited to persons of age, no exceptions.
  4. The use of power tools is prohibited for 12 hours after the consumption of the last alcoholic beverage.
  5. Tobacco usage will be prohibited inside the space, or within 25 feet of the main entrance, operable windows, or HVAC air intakes.
  6. At sponsored functions, members will be required to comply with all prohibitions of alcohol or tobacco set by our host.

Alcohol Probation

  1. In the event that a member is observed violating the 12 hour prohibition on power tools after consuming alcohol, the following penalties will be applied:

Three strikes

  1. First occurrence, 2 weeks no alcohol consumption or alcohol intoxication on site and surrounding area.
  2. Second occurrence, 1 month no alcohol consumption or alcohol intoxication on site and surrounding area and 2 weeks of no usage of tools.
  3. Third occurrence, go to board for further review. Membership may be terminated by a 2/3rds Majority of board members.
  4. The board reserves the right for all decisions and actions taken pertaining to alcohol consumption or drunken conduct on site and surrounding area

Responsibility of Members

  1. Ensure that dues are kept current unless some other special arrangement has been approved by the board.
  2. Upon any member deciding to leave the organization or in the event a member is removed by the board, that member must return any and all organization property as well as any keys or access devices used for the organization.

Membership Dues

  1. Membership dues will be determined by the Membership Level.
  2. Membership fees are due on the 1st of every month and considered late after the 7th of the month and may be assessed a late penalty, as decided by the policy of the membership level.
  3. A suspension of membership privileges or the membership revoked by the Board of Directors if dues are not paid within 15 calendar days from the first of the month.
  4. The Board of Directors reserves the right to have the final say on any and all special arrangements.
  5. Any special arrangements are made / held in confidence.

Issues & Accusations

  1. If an issue or matter between members cannot be resolved, those members can bring the matter to the board. It is then at the boards discretion to enact appropriate action for resolution of the issue.


  1. Non-Members are welcome to the space during regularly scheduled open house meetings or other open house events.
  2. Non-Members are not permitted utilization of space resources.
  3. Pre-scheduled visits are welcome provided they are scheduled with and approved by the board.
  4. Guests of a paying member are allowed in the space provided they are accompanied by the member inviting them in. That member shall take responsibility for all actions of the guest for the duration of their visit.


  1. Any outside solicitations to group members must be board approved.

Tools & Equipment

General Usage

  1. Certain equipment may not be operable by anyone under the age of 21 as decided by the board on a per equipment basis
  2. Tools should be used according to manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safety and prevent damage.

Loaned Equipment

  1. Equipment does not leave the space

Individual Owned Tools

  1. Risk of damage to equipment is assumed by the owner.
  2. If it is feasible for the equipment to be added to inventory for insurance purposes then it will be included on the list while it resides at the location.


  1. Projects should not be stored long term in the space unless approved by the board.


  1. Your safety is your responsibility
  2. Proper safety precautions should always be exercised
  3. If safety is in question, stop until any safety concerns can be addressed.


  1. All votes must be cast in person at the time the vote is called
  2. Voting by proxy - You may cast your vote by proxy so long as the board has been notified and approved your request to vote by proxy.

Note: These membership rules stolen directly from midsouth makers. Intended to be a starting point for us to discuss.