Website Build Team Meeting Minutes 2011-12-14

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Time & Location

2011-12-14 6:00pm Panera in Turkey Creek


  • Andy
  • Pete
  • Sam
  • Shane



We control the DNS, but we need to transfer the domain name ownership from Mike to the organization. When does the domain name have to be renewed? should automatically redirect to (.org?) as the default url.


A notice will be posted on the website detailing the phpBB forum's impending demise.

The phpBB forum link to be removed from website.

The Drupal forums module will take the place of phpBB. Certain discussions should be migrated to the forums to avoid clutter on google groups. Website related discussions should take place here.


Doug's paypal button needs to be integrated to the homepage.


Currently Pete and Kyle have admin permissions for the Drupal site; permissions to be extended to Sam and maybe Ben.

Website posting problems were due to a lack of proper permissions in the ACL module. Default permissions to be changed for members.


When attempting to post, some people had problems resulting in an ip blacklisting. This was due to a poor interaction between Drupal and Modsec. Pete to adjust Modsec rules to try and play nice with Drupal.

Main Page

Post about Ben's Drupal sandbox page for people with ambition to experiment with.

Pete suggested adding a "Benefits of Membership" page to the main page banner.