2017 Killswitch Robots

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Robot JonDale
Creator PCB Rob
Photos 2017 Killswitch Robot JonDale Before.png Pcbrob after1.jpg Pcbrob after2.jpg

Flysky 10CH Transmitter w/ Receiver

Emgreat Chassis Kit

3000mah 3S LiPo Battery

Great Planes Rimfire Outrunner Motor

Great Planes ElecriFly 12A Brushless ESC

Arduino Pro Mini

Custom PCB Based on TB6552FNG

Robot Trojan Goat
Creator Jondale


Parts 1000 RPM Motor (drive)

TinyESC v2 (drive, undersized)

910kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (weapon)

60amp Brushless ESC (weapon)

850mah Lipo Battery

Hex Wheel Adapter

3/8" Metal Rod

3/8" Bearing Mount

3/8" Clamping Hub

Flysky FS-16S Transmitter w/Receiver




Top, Bottom, Back, Front

Robot Princess Mayhem
Creator Renee and Tracy
Parts N/A (yet)
Award Champion
Robot Bunnicula
Creator Logan and John
Parts N/A (yet)
Award Most Creative

Robot Mr Whizzer
Creator Jesse
Parts N/A (yet)

Robot Stabby McQueen
Creator Daniel

A Lightning McQueen car

Two Steak Knives

Red Duct Tape

Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries

Award An empty soda can for failing to qualify.