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Current review of power availability at the Space:

Voltage Phase Amperage NEMA Connector Location
125 single 20A 5-20 general/distributed
125/250 split 30A L14-30 left wall
125 single 30A L5-30 left wall
125/250 split 50A 14-30 back wall
120/208 3-wye 30A L15-30R right wall/panel direct drop
480 3-delta 30A L16-30R right wall/panel direct drop

(CSV for later)



125/250,split,30A,L14-30,left wall

125,single,30A,L5-30,left wall

125/250,split,50A,14-30,back wall

120/208,3-wye,30A,L15-30R,right wall/panel direct drop

480,3-delta,30A,L16-30R,right wall/panel direct drop