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Board Meeting: January 11, 2015

Time & Location

2:00pm KnoxMakers


  • Doug L
  • Sam M
  • Jondale S
  • James B
  • Issac M
  • Brian M
  • Makhan V


Board History and Duties

Reviewed history and officer duties. Discussed possible goals for each position during the year.

Camera Purchase

Discussed the purchase of a camera to be kept at the space which can be used for event pictures.

Bumblebee upgrade and filament

Doug proposed we purchase more filament and a new hotend for Bumblebee.

New budgets

Issac and Sam proposed setting up budgets for electronics, laser cutting, and 3D printing, snacks. This would allow the SME from each area make appropriate purchases for consumables and equipment.


A discussion of the current outreach events coming up.

  • A1 Arts
  • SWE 3D Printing
  • Library Outreach
  • UT MBA Program


Discussed plans on moving the website and other services to servers controlled by Knox Makers.

Communication / Member Experience

Discussion of ways we could be more transparent and communicate better with the members. We want to act on feedback received to help create a better member experience.

Enter and Exit Procedures

We will be developing and documenting the procedures for new members and inactive members. Formation of a mentor program for new members was discussed.

New Facilities

Discussed possible layouts and build out options on current location leads as well as exploring more affordable options.


Proposal to purchase a camera to be kept at the space

Passed Unanimously

Proposal to take over payments for the Knox Makers Meetup account

Passed Unanimously

Proposal to purchase Filament and a new hotend for Bumblebee from the 3d printer fund

Passed Unanimously

Proposal to create a budget for Electronics, 3d printing, and laser cutting

Passed Unanimously