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Board Meeting: August 13, 2017

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 1:00 PM



Board: Doug Laney, Emilee Sawicki, Tracy Homer, Jondale Stratton, Issac Merkle, Charles Haley


  • Reviewed last month's meeting minutes.
  • Renewed board on financial status.
  • Updated on rent increase.
  • Discussed upcoming Blount County library event conflicting with Killswitch.
  • Deliberated possibly requiring new teachers to lead a Tuesday night lecture before teaching a class.
  • Considered how to increase financial accessibility to classes.
  • Conversed about James wanting to pass off Hospitality Czar.


  • Voted unanimously to increase insurance coverage.
  • Voted unanimously to create a First Aid and Safety Zone, appoint Colin Ickes as the czar, and seed the budget with $500 from the General Budget.
  • Voted unanimously to appoint Kim Counts as Arts and Crafts czar.