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Board Meeting: January 29, 2018

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 6:00 PM


Board: Doug Laney, Tracy Homer, Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Bryan Howard, James Broyles, Laurie Kay

Members: Greg Tune


  • Discussed the Conflict of Interest policy and signed for 2018.
  • Briefly went over the TN Non-Profit Guidebook for our new board members.
  • Discussed whether we should market our classes to parents, or give private tours to groups.
  • Argued whether Issac or Doug disagree with people more.
  • Decided that we don't have a problem drinking while we're sewing.
  • Talked about how we want to be involved in EarthFest.
  • Made note that there is a Board To Do List on the shared cloud, and went through some of the items.
  • Plans to close each month financials and send out a report shortly before the next month's board meeting.
  • Discussed how much to distribute of our 2016 Net Revenue to the czar areas.
  • Talked about getting a grant to build a forge/blacksmith area and partner with ETTAC.
  • Talked about how to inspire members and seed culture.


  • Voted unanimously to ratify Mike Saunders and Sean Simoneau as new czars
  • Voted unanimously to grant each of the czars $300 for their areas