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Board Meeting: April 30, 2018

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 6:30 PM


Board: Doug Laney, James Broyles, Tracy Homer, Issac Merkle, Laurie Kay

Members: Dan Stanfill


  • Went over last month's minutes.
  • Financial update - netted about $1300 in March
  • Discovered suspect donuts on the podium, did not take the bait
  • Discussed how long to leave leatherworking zone czarless, will send email to members
  • Doug updated on codes enforcement issues
  • Grants update:
    • Bailey Opportunity grant was awarded for $10,000 to set up blacksmithing area
    • Knox Makers was listed in the City of Knoxville proposed budget for next year
    • Need to move forward with planning the blacksmithing area as the money is coming in
  • Scheduled upcoming events - czar meetup, space day, open house - look at the calendar!
  • Talked about getting assistance for some of the data entry tasks
  • Discussed the shithole that is the rental area and how to clean it up
  • Reminisced about the airplane chairs we had before we got these nice, free, reasonably comfortable chairs
  • Mooned over Barbara the Blender Bike
  • Some members are interested in a Ham area - Doug tasked them to come back with a proposal
  • James brought up how to train people how to use Pablo and loaning it out
  • Can we use open flames in the space? Depends on the project.
  • Can we make biological experiments that are not recommended for human consumption in the space? We have no idea.
  • Actually walked over to look at the shithole rental area and further discussed how to clean it up


  • Nothing. We voted on nothing.