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Board Meeting: December 14, 2018

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 7:00 PM


Board: Tracy Homer, Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Bryan Howard, Laurie Kay

Members: Andrew Messersmith, Tony Baker, Billy Huddleson, Sue Joslin, Fred Weber, Tobby Ryan, Charles Haley, Ed Goins, Sean Simoneau


  • Issac handed out agenda to the board members
  • Tracy gave financial update
  • Issac recommended that Laurie add chocolate doughnut frosting to her Cheetos
  • We voted on a bunch of things
  • Sean brought up that a Cosplay Zone might use tools and supplies from other zones for classes and who is going to pay for that?
  • Tracy gave first draft of Conflict Resolution Policy and everyone told her what they didn't like about it
  • Fred doesn't like the way Jondale combs his hair
  • Is the Peace Officer elected or appointed? Should we have more than one Peace Officer?
  • Charles wants to roll dice to see who gets kicked out in a conflict solution
  • Andrew thinks the majority of people in general are terrible
  • Andrew talks about boring stuff (grants)
    • The drawings for the classroom wall was submitted to the city
    • The classroom drawings also require that we add a second exit door to the space - right around where the tall rental storage is
    • Sprinkler heads and the air conditioner will have to be moved to accommodate the wall
    • Andrew pointed out that since the project is less than $25,000, we do not need to hire a licensed general contractor
    • Lloyds Electric has a punch list of what electrical issues needs to be fixed - Tracy will call them to get that
    • Andrew's opinion is that the Outdoor Metal Working area should not be a metal building, but a pole barn
    • Andrew's whole world is a lie
    • Andrew asks for money (specifically $1250 for stamped plans for this pole barn) and wants us to vote on that
    • Discussed where propane tanks will live
    • Issac asked Andrew to check to make sure all is cool with Mary Thom, and to check with our local architect to find out what our current contract with him is
  • Andrew asked if we could ask to talk with the Clinch River Blacksmithing Guild to house their tools and let them use our blacksmithing area in exchange
    • Concerns: How many guests are allowed per member? Could we offer classes using them? Is this an external group or a partnership? How does this help our community?
  • Issac requested that all board members to review the bylaws before the next board meeting, in order to possibly ratify them at the annual meeting
  • Briefly discussed the haxdb project and board eligibility
  • Issac asked that anyone with any ideas about a board eligibility policy should email or message Issac and/or the board
  • Next board meeting scheduled for January 5th at 1pm
  • Issac makes a presidential proclamation that no board meetings will ever be held in the morning


  • Voted unanimously to appoint Billy as Webmaster
  • Voted unanimously to appoint Sue as Treasurer
  • Voted unanimously to change Leather-working Zone to Cosplay Zone
  • Voted unanimously to appoint Bobby Sheldon as Cosplay Czar
  • Voted unanimously to put out $1250 for stamped plans, contingent on Mary Thom being fine with it all