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Board Meeting: January 22, 2020

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 7:00 PM


Board: Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Tracy Homer, Bryan Howard, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston, Andrew Messersmith Members: Joe P., Tony B., John N., Brian G.,


  • We had to have our meeting in Arts and Crafts because *someone* decided to have a class tonight....
  • This year our Agenda notes have goats on them instead of cats
  • Sue starts us off with a financial update
    • The classroom budget is not in the red anymore - yay
    • Some people have not cashed their checks yet also which causes a small discrepancy.
    • We've spent money on a lot of nonsense but we're still in the black for the month - now we can spend money on more nonsense!
  • Sue updated again on changing Paypal information and the red tape that we are needing to wade through.
  • Planning for the Annual Meeting:
    • Sue will make the financial update
    • Tracy will lead the vote
    • Holy crap it's already next Tuesday
    • Issac does all the other talking
  • May our members/czars do product reviews and post them on youtube? The committee has done absolutely nothing so we'll talk about that later
    • It's moving along great, now thinking about some marketing angles and how to get people to actually make teams
    • We need an emcee as well, slowly building list of people we need the day of
  • Blacksmithing building is slowly building - we're only one day away from the framing inspection!
  • Knox Makers has condemned Halo frozen dessert as not really ice cream.
  • The curtains really helped with the acoustics so glad we go those back up.
  • Chemical cabinet is almost empty
  • Rental bays have name tags so that's great - except that one person who we have no idea who owns a nice stack of wood - so it's marked Free
  • The new member storage was added and we're going to make people put their stuff in a tote instead of hanging all about
  • Sue is adding stuff now...
    • She proposed a rolling cabinet with waivers and signage saying that we're Knox Makers - or at least something that lets people know that we're in here.
  • Next Board Meeting: Sunday, February 16th at 2pm


  • Voted unanimously to appoint Brian Greenhoe as Woodworking Czar.
  • Voted unanimously to empower Jay to add a/c ducting to the classroom