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Board Meeting: June 20th, 2020

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located virtually on Big Blue Button
  • 2:00 PM


Board: Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Tracy Homer, Bryan Howard, Suzannah Alexander, Sean Simoneau, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston


  • Treasurer's report
    • A few virtual classes with a few paid tickets
    • Still doing very well financially.
  • Membership report
    • Need to check back on languishing trial members
    • Still have new people joining
    • Need to double down on getting photos from people
    • Current members: 186
  • We're still in quarantine - no public meetings in sight.
  • Should we open Virtual Show & Share to the public, or will we get server overload?
  • Maybe we open up Facebook Live streaming instead - let's try it!
  • KILLSWITCH - still too soon to decide
    • We really want to make it a big event, so we want to wait until we feel comfortable with crowds.
  • Possible change to the Member Rules
    • Discussed adding a line to the Member Responsibilities requiring members to follow a close-down procedure when leaving the space.
    • Also discussed adding verbiage to the Suspending and Terminating Membership section so the board can choose to enact consequences if necessary.
    • The wording will be fine-tuned and voted on via Mattermost
  • Next Board Meeting: July 18, 2020 - again virutally


Voted on July 2, 2020 via Mattermost to update Member Rules to require members to follow a close-down procedure and the ability to enact specific consequences if necessary