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Board Meeting: August 16th, 2020

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located virtually on Big Blue Button
  • 2:00 PM


Board: Issac Merkle, Tracy Homer, Bryan Howard, Suzannah Alexander, Sean Simoneau, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston, Jondale Stratton


  • Financial report
    • Some zones have been buying cool things
    • We need some routine things like filters and paper towels and stuff
    • Savings didn't really go up much because we've been spending
  • Lets talk about venting the laser outside
    • How do we make it look nice to keep everyone happy
    • Maybe we can do that for metal as well
  • Membership update
    • 183 now, culled some ghosty members, gained a few new ones
  • Covid update
    • It still exists...
    • Sue has made more masks and that is amazing
    • If we ever run out we should maybe have some disposable on hand for people
  • Our lease is up very soon - much to discuss
  • Next board meeting: September 27, 2pm