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Board Meeting: March 20, 2022

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located virtually on Big Blue Button
  • 2:00 PM


  • Board: Issac Merkle, Tracy Homer, Sean Simoneau, Sue Joslin, Billy Huddleston, Jondale Stratton
  • Members: Andrew M., Joe H., David N., Brian G., John N.


  • Financial report
    • Sadly only $40 profit this past month
    • Lots of annual expenses come due
    • Maybe we will break $70k next month?
  • Membership report
    • Hit 266 this month
    • Tracy needs to get on really old non paying members
  • Mayors Maker Council
    • Started licensing process for Maker Faire
    • When will it be? Lets get that committee to meet.
  • Killswitch?
    • Can we have one in October *and* spring? (probably not)
    • So which one should we do - probably better for spring
    • Sadtimes
  • Let's talk about grants
    • Who is in charge of these things? We need some procedures or at least someone in charge
    • Lets make a meeting to talk specifically talk about this upcoming grant and go from there
  • Board Game Days - or sponsorships in general
    • Should we pay to be sponsors to things?
  • Building maintenance
    • Leak in the wall - building owner is looking at a second quote
    • Issac raised the issue of us wanting our own mailing address
    • The small strip of land next to us is being cleaned up by us and maybe we could get the building owners to buy it
  • Hey how bout that classroom ducting, Billy?
  • Next Meeting: Sunday April 24th, 2pm


  • Voted to renew Arts & Cultural Alliance
  • Voted to put the price to tall storage to $10/$20 for narrow and wide, respectively