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Trivia about the Knox Makers Board Members


  • Chess Grand Master at age 12
  • Says he's longest running member, actually a clone of the original Doug
  • Was a phone a friend on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and was wrong


  • Asked by the city to stop scaring away door-to-door salesmen with his auto-lawnmower
  • Has six toes on each foot
  • Used to be world renowned paranormal expert
  • Is colorblind and does not know his hair is pink.


  • Banned from casinos on the east coast for counting cards, and not appearing sorry when confronted.
  • Won a Tony award for playing Tiny Tim in The Christmas Carol
  • Has replaced most of the people in his life with shell scripts
  • Is from Kentucky, so naturally owned a horse
  • Can read your mind.


  • Buys a new car every week
  • Murdered the previous person in her board position
  • First time she came to TN it was in a stolen car
  • Has bear paw print tattoos on the bottom of her feet and was sad to learn this didn't change her footprints


  • Never has done anything wrong
  • Shaves every day - his beard just grows like that
  • Woke up one morning inside of a billboard
  • Is actually featured in every picture on the Knox Makers website


  • Can jump as high as she is tall
  • When she got married, she took her middle name as her new last name
  • Used to be a professional horse racing jockey. Her most successful win was with a horse named Monster Love.


  • Was an extra on The Wonder Years
  • Used to own his own detective agency
  • Competing in 2020 Olympics


  • Reformed member of a criminal tricycle gang.


  • Got her accounting experience working for the mob.