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The purpose of this page is to document the conversion of our Chinese laser to use our preferred firmware, LinuxCNC.


See our page on importing the laser.


Changing the firmware gives us a few advantages.

  • As an organization, we strongly value open source and this gives us the option of using a full open source stack to go from design to cut.
  • We have years of experience, training, and development on the current stack and have had a really positive experience with it.


The plan is to remove the controller and display panel that came with the laser and replace them with a computer running LinuxCNC, a I/O card, and a panel of our own design and needs. Our goal is to fit this all into in the new laser using the existing structure in a neat and beautiful way.


Inkscape Design
Optionally, our KM-Laser Bundle
cncfm Web File Manager and Vector+Raster CAM
LinuxCNC Firmware to run laser


Computer Gigabyte-J1900N-D3V
Parallel Port Card
Break Out Board C10 Parallel Port Breakout Board


The wiring diagram, design files for the panels, and LinuxCNC config can be found on our github in the Moonraker Repository