Fundraising Ideas

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This page lists the ideas we've collected to bootstrap the space and keep the lights burning.

  • Startup funding sites and slush fund / bootstrap funding
  • Work with eatery to get 10% kick back if we host an event with them
  • Kickstarter
  • Hackers for Hire
  • Look into "after school" program and associated public funding
  • Sell hobby kits/widgets at local events
  • Lan parties
  • KM Magazine
  • KM flashdrives with content/files
  • KM Cornhole boxes/bags
  • KM Air hockey tables/pucks
  • Custom logo products for companies (ABS, wood, metal, electronics, etc.)
  • Member skill donation (computer training classes, etc., proceeds go to KM)
  • Masks
  • Hire a KM Group Event (teach a company's employees on-site how to make masks, etc.)