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HP Designjet Z6 The large format inkjet printer is a HP Designjet Z6, capable of printing on individual sheets or from rolls up to 24" wide.


The cost of making a print is determined both by the paper type you're using and the area of your print.

Paper Pricing

Three types of paper are onhand currently, priced as specified. You may also supply your own paper.

Paper Type Specifications Price
Bright White Paper Basis Weight: 90 gsm / 24 lb
Thickness: 4.7 mil
Whiteness: 166%
Opacity: 94%
Brightness: 113%
90 Seconds to Dry
Matte Surface Finish
Heavyweight Coated Paper Basis Weight: 172 gsm
Thickness: 6.8 mil
Opacity: 90%
Brightness: 95%
Whiteness: 130%
Instant Drying
Matte Surface Finish
Satin Photo Paper Basis Weight: 200 gsm
Thickness: 7.4 mil / 0.1879 mm
Opacity: 94.5%
Brightness: 90%
Luster Surface Finish

Ink Pricing

The cost of printing is $2/sq foot regardless of whether you use supplied paper or your own.

Pricing for Common Sizes

Here are some pre-calculated sample prices.

Size Bright White Heavyweight Coated Satin Photo your media
11x17" $2.83 $3.28 $3.74 $2.60
18x24" $6.38 $7.13 $7.88 $6.00
24x36" $12.75 $14.25 $15.75 $12.00

Setting up Drivers

Before a computer can print to the large format printer, drivers must be installed. The process should take about ten minutes and only has to be done once per computer.


First, you'll need to ensure that you have the Linux printer subsystem, CUPS, installed and running on your computer. Many desktop distros ship with CUPS installed and running by default. If you already have a different printer set up and working with your laptop, you certainly have CUPS. If you're uncertain, check in your package manager and/or execute systemctl status cups

Next, download and install the latest version of the Hewlett-Packard Linux Printing and Imaging (HPLIP) software. On most distros, you can simply install the hplip package.

After installation, run the hp-setup utility. You'll be asked to select the type of connection you'll use; choose

 Network/Ethernet/Wireless network (direct connection or JetDirect)

Click the [Next>] button.

After a moment, you'll be presented with a list of discovered devices. Select

 HP Designjet z6 24in

and click the [Next>] button.

On the third and final screen, you may optionally change the name, description, and/or location of the printer. Finally, click the [Add Printer] button.


Download and install the latest drivers from the HP support site.


Download and install the latest drivers from the HP support site.

Print Media

Manufacturer-Recommended Media

HP officially recommends only five specific kinds of roll media:

  • HP Universal Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper (Q6581A)
  • HP Artist Matte Canvas (E4J57A)
  • HP Heavyweight Coated Paper (C6569C)
  • HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene (CH025A)
  • HP Premium Matte Photo Paper (CG460B)

However, the printer is in principle capable of printing on any inkjet-compatible media up to 31.5 mil in thickness.

Paper Size

The printer accepts 24" wide roll paper with a 2" core. Geometry limits roll media to a maximum external diameter of 5.3 inches.

Sheet media from 8.3x11" to 24x66" can be individually loaded, as well.

Checking Loaded Paper

checking the loaded paper type

Before starting a print, check what kind of paper has been left loaded. To do so, just double-tap the printer's touchscreen to wake it up, then tap [Paper].

Changing Paper


the opened output hopper
  • When preparing to print, review the Printer Properties. In particular, check the Secure Printing setting in the Advanced area. Ensure that it's turned off before starting your print. Otherwise, your print will be held in queue until you visit the printer and enter your PIN (set in the Advanced Printer Properties area) in the machine's touchpanel.
  • Be sure to open the output hopper before starting your print. That way, your beautiful print won't land on our filthy floor. Close the hopper after collecting your print so it's out of the way and stays clean.