Meeting Minutes 2018-05-12

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  • Welcome Jay the new Leatherworking Czar. That will become official at the next board meeting.
  • Upcoming Space Day - try to get projects for people to do instead of just cleaning all the time.
  • Sue requested additional lighting for her area, and Billy the same. Board will discuss at upcoming meeting where that should come out of the budget.
  • Talked about updating Member Rules that specifically prohibit using volatile chemicals inside. Need to add signage around the area - at least on the chemical cabinet, flammable cabinet, and maybe some stickers on actual products that are for outdoor use only.
  • Talked about frustration over people coming into the area and leaving it a mess. Hopefully ongoing Space Days will help people take ownership and not want to wreck something they worked so hard on being awesome. Security cameras are an ongoing idea but are not priority because of cost. Czars should feel free to educate people on where the clean up supplies are and how to do the right thing.
  • Discussed how to get class attendance lists to the czars efficiently and automatically. We are working on website improvements but not sure how difficult this will be.

Board To Do:

  • Update czar email list
  • Add Machining Budget to Quickbooks