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Member Meeting: January 23, 2018

Time & Location

6:30pm KnoxMakers


President's Report

2017 Year in Review

  • Highlighted the changes to the space in the past year
  • Grand Opening; April 1st
  • Killswitch; October 14th
  • Knox Makers is now a registered trademarked
  • Quickbooks is updated finally

Creative Director's Report

Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values

  • Vision Statement: to find and grow the maker in all of us
  • Mission Statement: Knox Makers nurtures a diverse community of makers, artists, and thinkers, encourages peer-learning to feed their innate curiosity, and provides the tools and resources to enable the limitless pursuit of creation.
  • Core Values
    • Opportunity
    • Focus
    • Volunteerism
    • Inclusivity
    • Non-Commercialism
    • Privacy
    • Sharp and Electrified
    • Fun

Membership and Financial Report


  • Membership grew from 71 to 138 in 2017
  • At the end of 2017 we had 84 full paying members, 10 sponsored members, and 44 student/senior rate members
  • Mike membership grew from 7 to 10

Financial Summary

Looking forward to 2018

  • Focus more on czar program and area development
  • Installing security cameras
  • Haxdb being developed for door access and tool authorization
  • More Killswitch events
  • More and better ToyTech partnerships


  • Voted by show of hands to change bylaws - removed Treasurer from list of required board positions
  • Voted by show of hands to add Webmaster board position
  • Voted by show of hands to change Communications Director to Events Coordinator

The following board positions were held for election by secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Doug Laney
Secretary Tracy Homer
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Creative Director Issac Merkle
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Events Coordinator Laurie Kay
Webmaster James Broyles