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Member Meeting: January 29, 2019

Time & Location

6:30pm KnoxMakers

Members in attendance: 45


President's Report

2017 Summary

  • Memorial to our dear friend Greg.
  • Appreciation for our influential and hard-working former president, Doug.
  • We won our first grants!
  • We added Machining Zone!
  • We did KILLSWITCH again!
  • We won Best Non-Profit in Knoxville! (did not buy the plaque though)

Membership and Financial Report


  • Membership grew from 138 to 159
  • 10% growth is a good trajectory
  • Back down to 9 Mikes - trying to lure one back to keep it at least 10

Financial Summary

  • Net income was about $12,500

Looking forward to 2019

  • Let's do more classes!
  • We're going to build a wall!
  • We're going to also build an Outdoor Metal Area!
  • In January already we converted the Leatherworking area into Cosplay.
  • We said we'd install cameras last year... let's shoot for 2019.
  • KILLSWITCH again!


The following Bylaws were changed by majority vote by secret ballot:

  • Added back Treasurer as required board position.
  • Changed the method to which a member is elected to the board
    • Nominations must be submitted at least 30 days prior to Annual Meeting; this can be waived by the current Board.
    • Candidates can be disqualified by 3/4 majority vote of the Board.
    • Voting by proxy was eliminated.
    • Board positions may be added or eliminated by 3/4 majority vote of the Board
    • In midterm vacancies, positions may be filled by 3/4 majority vote by the Board.
  • Members are no long allowed to hold unschedule, private events whenever they want.

The following Peace Officers were confirmed by majority vote by secret ballot:

  • Ray Crampton
  • Laurie Kay

The following board positions were held for election by secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Issac Merkle
Secretary Tracy Homer
Treasurer Sue Joslin
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Events Coordinator Tabby Sheldon
Webmaster Billy Huddleston
Community Director Shean Simoneau
Development Director Andrew Messersmith