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Member Meeting: January 28, 2020

Time & Location

6:30pm KnoxMakers


President's Report

2019 Summary

  • We lost a bunch of tools but now we have more and better tools
  • We had fun events like 3d printing day, and the Toy Tech party
  • We ditched the Cosplay zone and just folded cosplay and leather into Fabric Arts Zone
  • Woodworking is expanding rapidly and doing awesome new things
  • We got a new 3d printer
  • And a new laser!
  • And a new lathe!
  • New electronics benches
  • Lots of new things!
  • We also destroyed some things and cut a new door in the wall - lets not die in a fire
  • And added a wall in the classroom
  • We are still working on the Blackmsithing building but it's going along

Membership and Financial Report


  • Membership grew from 159 to 191
  • Net income was about $5,600

Looking forward to 2020

  • Let's do less stuff this year - maybe take a little break!
  • Except for KILLSWITCH again!


The following board positions were held for election by secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Issac Merkle
Secretary Tracy Homer
Treasurer Sue Joslin
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Events Coordinator Suzannah Alexander
Webmaster Billy Huddleston
Community Director Sean Simoneau