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Member Meeting: January 26, 2021

Time & Location

7:00pm Virtually via Big Blue Button


President's Report


  • There was a pandemic but we made it through.
    • We donated a lot of pandemic supplies to the community and each other
  • The blacksmith building finally finished and we started teaching classes even
  • Toy Tech was not the big in person party that it normally is but still successful
  • Not a ton of shop improvements but the woodshop did amazing things
  • We signed a new lease with our friends, Spark, for another 5 years.
  • This past year was our 10 year anniversary!

Membership and Financial Report


  • Membership grew from 191 to 197
  • Net income was about $12,500

Looking forward to 2021

  • Included in our lease is the promise that we will take over the first bay in autumn.
  • We are looking for new financial ventures to further bolster our bottom line
  • Including partnering with Spark to provide some of our ideas to a wider audience


Our voting was slightly different due to Covid-19, we voted online. It was available for two weeks before the meeting and closed at 7pm the day of.

61 people voted

The following board positions were held for election by online secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Issac Merkle
Secretary Tracy Homer
Treasurer Sue Joslin
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Events Coordinator Suzannah Alexander
Webmaster Billy Huddleston
Community Director Sean Simoneau