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Member Meeting: January 25, 2022

Time & Location

7:00pm Virtually via Big Blue Button


President's Report

  • History of the physical space
    • Oak Ridge - teeny
    • 2016 - 3266 sq ft (Spark basement bay 2)
    • 2016 + a few months - 6890 sq ft (Bay 3)
    • 2020 - 7658 sq ft (BS building)
    • 2021 - 10,117 sq ft! (Bay 1)
  • We are reorganizing some of the zones
  • We have contracted a cleaning service
  • The building has a new owner
  • But we want to own a building someday!
  • Maybe this Western Heights project can be a way we can save some cash
    • They are looking for a makerspace to inhabit their Anchor Building
    • Can it be us? Let's vote on if we should (cautiously) proceed with them

Financial Report

  • Net income of $19,163
  • 2021 ending balance: $65,346
  • Most revenues are Member Dues, most expense is rent
  • We also bought a lot of cool toys
  • Woodworking and Machining knocked it out of the park with classes

Fundraising Report

  • Again, we need to save some dough
  • We are hoping to do a Maker Sale in the spring
  • Pls let us know if you can help

Maker Faire

  • The city and we also want to do a Maker Faire in the Fall
  • Still working on dates so stay tuned


  • Went from 197 to 239 members
  • In an effort to organize more, we are requiring members to put their storage in bins

QA about Western Heights referendum


We voted online again, with ballots opening after the meeting and being open for 24 hours.

71 people voted

The following board positions were held for election by online secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Issac Merkle
Secretary Tracy Homer
Treasurer Sue Joslin
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Webmaster Billy Huddleston
Community Director Sean Simoneau
Western Heights Initiative Majority voted Yes