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Member Meeting: January 24, 2023

Time & Location

6:00pm Democracy Dogs in the Hospitality Zone 7:00pm at Knox Makers Classroom


President's Previous Year Report

  • Thanks to Amos for the Democracy Dogs
  • We had a very successful Make Sale - our very first one
  • Extra special thanks to David N. for doing the heavy lifting on this - we will miss you so much!
  • Thanks also to all of our Czar(ina)s and Deputies for all the work they put in to make KM amazing
  • An update on the Western Heights project, and a review for those who don't know about it
    • KCDC won their grant for the project
    • Now they are looking to hire a Project Coordinator and will be in touch with us soon
    • What will happen? We don't know yet!

Membership Report

  • Last year we had 239 members and at the end of 2022 we had 308!
  • Our most common names are Michael, Andrew, David, and John with 6 each!

Financial Report

  • 2021 ending balance was $65,346 and 2022 ending balance was $87,084
  • This past year we began taking 10% of our monthly net revenue and dividing up between the zones to pad their budget
  • We also changed our class financial breakdown to give 50% to the zone, instead of 25% to the zone and 25% to the General Fund
  • Both of these together lead to almost $3400 extra being filtered to the zones

Announcements of Vote

Welcoming our new Volunteer Coordinator=

  • Russell reminded us all that everyone who does the work at KM is a regular member like anyone else, and that we all can work together to make KM work
  • We hope to put on another Make Sale and maybe even Killswitch again?

President's Look Forward

  • This year the Board made some yearly goals at our Annual Retreat
    • Community Events
      • We don't want to only have huge events, but also more frequent, small community building, like making Jondale and Brian grill for us
    • Building ownership
      • We don't want to rent anymore - we want to own our own place. This is going to take years of planning and saving so patience is key, but we have started thinking along those lines
    • Infrastructure
      • We have a lot of projects up in the air and it would be great to button them up and polish the shop up a bit
    • Tuning up processes
      • This one is more toward the board itself, to automate things and work out the kinks dealing from growing pains.

Thanks everyone for making KM awesome!


We voted online again, with ballots opening two weeks before the meeting and closing at 7:30pm the day of.

131 people voted

The following board positions were held for election by online secret ballot and filled:

Position Elected Member
President Issac Merkle
Secretary Tracy Homer
Treasurer Sue Joslin
Tech Director Jondale Stratton
Facilities Director Bryan Howard
Webmaster Billy Huddleston
Community Director Sean Simoneau
Volunteer Coordinator Russell Portwood