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These are the steps that a new member goes through when he/she applies for membership.

Member Applies

This can be done through a paper form or the online form.


  • Sends email detailing steps to membership
    • Sign waiver
    • Read rules
    • Visit the space
    • Come to New Members Onboarding
  • Answers questions posed in application and through email
  • Enter information in haxdb

Member pays first month's dues

Trial month starts


  • Notifies Secretary that member has paid their first month dues


  • Notifies member of trial month dates and steps to full membership
    • Invitation to visit often
    • Invitation to Mattermost
    • Request for picture
    • Invitation to New Members Onboarding
  • Update information in haxdb

Trial month is up


  • Solicits rest of board for vote to determine if person can be inducted into membership
  • Notifies person of their new membership status
  • Schedule time to receive key
  • Update information in haxdb


New WordPress Member account
  • add new user

Do not add user from existing user on same network. Use the same email address in haxdb. When creating the user, generate a new password, do not email user about the account creation, set as member user role. Use the mattermost username when creating the WordPress account, or arbitrarily come up with a closely-related username if such is not available.

  • update haxdb with WordPress username
  • Send the username and password to the user through mattermost.

Tech Director

OPTIONAL, if requested - New wiki user account
  • add new user with edit permissions

Member receives key


  • Have member mark key with unique code
  • Show where member storage is
  • Show member security system and arrival/leaving procedures
  • Show member how to lock/unlock parking lot gate
  • Update haxdb with key code