Optical Theremin Kit

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The Knox Makers Optical Theremin educational electronics kit (KM-006) features two oscillators, a flashing LED, a light detector and a speaker, and is powered by a 9V battery. Surface mount construction and low parts density make this kit ideal for the soldering novice, but note that small surface mount components require tweezers and a small solder iron tip for assembly.

Parts List

Qty Part Designator(s)
1 printed circuit board -
1 9V battery -
1 9V battery clip -
1 Switch, SPDT -
4 resistors, 1206 size R1, R2, R4, R7
2 potentiometers, 100k R3, R5
1 light detecting resistor R6
1 LED, 0805 size D1
2 capacitors, 0603 size C2, C4
2 capacitors, 0805 size C3, C5
1 capacitor, 1206 size C1
2 integrated circuits, LM555, SOIC-8 size U1, U2
1 40mm speaker SPK1
1 small diameter solder, solder wick -
1 extra practice components, 0603, 0805, 1208 size -


PDF via GitHub


schematic and board layout (Kicad), Gerber files

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