Reimbursing purchases to pay dues

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This is a edge case. It is not preferred as it creates more work.

  • Receive receipt from member
  • Go to the register for Paid By Others
  • Add deposit
    • Payee: Member
    • Class: General
    • Account: Accounts Receivable
    • Deposit: Amount
  • Add expense
    • Payee: Member
    • Class: Whatever is appropriate class for this purchase
    • Account: Whatever is appropriate purchase account for this purchase
    • Expense: Amount
    • Scan receipt and add as an attachment
  • Go to Member's page
    • If member is overdue in dues, choose the most overdue payment and click "Receive Payment"
    • Quickbooks should automatically match the new deposit and bring the person's balance down
    • If member is caught up in dues, click the + sign at the top and create a Receive Payment for the appropriate amount.
    • When the next month's invoice drops, it will automatically pay out of that balance