Security camera review log

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Access Log

When Reviewers Range Description
2020-02-24 Issac and Jondale 24 hours A break in was reported. Footage was accessed to identify intruder, assess entry times, entry points, and property stolen. Video footage was shared with police.
2020-03-16 Bryan and Jondale 12 hours Landlord reported that the gate, building, and space were left open, unlocked, and lights on. Video from that night was reviewed to identify who and why. Still shots were shared with the board.
2020-06-08 Issac and Jondale 12 hours The shop was left unlocked and dust collection and lights left on. Video reviewed and to identify who. Images shared with board and limited members to help identify.
2020-09-04 Issac and Tracy 12 hours Spark reported that the exterior door was left unlocked (gate was properly locked). Video reviewed to determine who was last out of the workshop. Member identified on sight by both reviewers. Identity of member shared with Board.
2021-04-06 Jondale and Billy 10 hours Spark reported concerns about early morning activity and requested we review video. Video shared with board to identify was a member using space normally.
2021-05-06 Jondale and Billy 10 hours Sawstop was set off; no Oops ticket or repair. Video review to determine who was responsible.
2021-08-06 Jondale and Tracy 24 hours Planer had electrical failure; Identify last person to use.
2021-08-15 Jondale and Tracy 3 hours Report of gate left open and door left unlocked. Identified last person to leave before the report.
2022-03-22 Jondale and Billy 2 hours Smoke/fire in Woodshop. Identified those involved and shared with Woodworking czar.
2022-06-20 Jondale and Tracy 10 hours Report of theft in parking lot area sometime between 11pm(20th) and 8:30am (21st). Cameras showed no activity in Knox Makers during this time.