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External groups and groups that meet around special interests and topics are welcome at Knox Makers. There are a few considerations we ask of these subgroups that meet at the space. First, we currently only reserve Wednesday nights for external groups. Routine or regularly-scheduled nights are not guaranteed as reserved and any group meeting must be approved as a scheduled event by the Events Coordinator using the event submission form. Next, we ask that groups respect the space as we would expect of dues paying members, especially in regard to safe use of equipment and respecting the space, property at the space, projects, and other guests/members.

Every group should have a sponsoring member that accepts accountability for the group, is present the entire time of the meeting, and makes sure to express and enforce the space rules. This can include making sure any guests have filled out waiver of liability forms before using dangerous tools, locking the door up, and making sure the group leaves the space at least as it was found if not a little better.

We do not currently charge subgroups any rental fees, but incurred damages may be due if the group is responsible for any damage such as broken equipment because of neglect or horseplay.

In addition to a sponsoring member, each group should have a designated group organizer and group contact (these are often the same person as the sponsoring member).

If you have any questions or you would like to start a new subgroup at Knox Makers, contact board@knoxmakers.org with the name of your group, summary description, and requested meeting date(s) along with your group's sponsoring member(s), group organizer(s), and group contact(s).

Subgroup name Description Schedule Sponsoring member(s) Group organizer Group contact
Knox Area Robotics Club Knox Area Robotics Club is a group of robot enthusiasts that includes beginners, experienced amateurs, and professionals. We have a broad range of interests including robotics, AI, automation and programming. Whether your focus is mechanics, electronics or software, you’ll find something of interest in our club. Knox Area Robotics Club tries to meet 2nd Wednesdays of the month. Their meetings are free and open to the public. Billy, Mike, Joe Billy Billy