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Tool Training (Draft)

If you already know what you want to build and you just want to learn how to use the tools you need safely (or if you just want a refresher), Tool Training sessions are for you. Classes are kept small so each student get a lot of personal attention, and each training session is themed for a certain set of tools – just take the sessions you need to get going.

If you already have training on this equipment and just need to be checked off to use it, ask about a testing session. Testing is also required for those who have completed the training class, before they can use the equipment unsupervised.

Tool Training: Basic Machine Tools

For complete novices and as a basic refresher, this covers everything someone would need to get started at Knox Makers; basic safety, basic shop layout, drill presses, sanders, bench grinder, and hand power tools.

Tool Training: Basic Woodworking Machine Tools

Basic training on panel saw, compound sliding miter saw, scroll saws, and woodworking band saws. Both training and testing necessary for use.

Tool Training: Basic Metalworking Machine Tools

Basic training on sheet metal tools, chop saws, hand grinders, cutoff wheels, metal band saws, and spot welders. Both training and testing necessary for use.

Tool Training: Manual Metalworking Lathe

Basic training on the Metalworking Lathe. No additional testing necessary.

Tool Training: Manual Milling Machine

Basic training on the Vertical Milling Machines. No additional testing necessary.

Tool Training: Precision Machine Tools (Lathe, Manual Mill, CNC Mill)

If you’re already experienced using mills and lathes, testing is available on request to qualify you to use the precision machining equipment.

Tool Training: 3D Printer

Learn everything you need to know to print 3D models and prototypes on our new 3D printer! This class covers everything you need to know to safely and properly operate the printer as an Knox Makers member. No separate testing necessary.

Tool Training: Laser Cutter

The laser cutter can cut arbitrary 2D patterns and engrave a wide variety of materials, from paper to granite. This class will train students on how to use the laser cutter safely and effectively, running through using the drawing creation process, laser setup and operation. It will qualify members to operate the laser cutter independently.