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Board Meeting: August 23, 2018

Time & Location

  • Meeting Located at 116 Childress St SW, Knoxville, TN
  • 7:11 PM


Board: Doug Laney, James Broyles, Tracy Homer, Issac Merkle, Jondale Stratton, Bryan Howard, Laurie Kay

Members: Sue Joslin

Non-Members: Penelope Laney


  • Laurie solicited Issac to do an origami class for Adult Arting night.
  • Went over July financial information.
  • Discussed Doug's meeting with the architect for the classroom wall and codes updates.
  • Decided how to proceed with moving the air conditioner back from where the wall will be.
  • Talked about the quote for the metal building install and how to best spend the expected grant money.
  • Penelope tested if gravity worked for both pens and lip gloss.
  • Bryan talked about the Ham Zone and how they are still working on their proposal.
  • Discussed the difference in description, legality, and species of service animals vs. support animals.
  • More googling about service animals.
  • We're all jerks.
  • Talked about how to find new czars for different areas and increasing volunteerism.
  • Decided to bring a new countdown TV to increase punctuality for Show and Share participants.
  • Updated on how we were preparing for Killswitch.
    • Who will referee and commentate?
    • What will we fight for qualifying round?
    • How does the arena need repaired?
    • Do we need crowd control?
  • Billy walked in and waved at everyone.
  • Talked about getting food trucks to come on Tuesday nights, and hiring service crows to clean up the food that people will inevitably drop everywhere.


  • Voted unanimously that animals are not allowed in the space, save service animals.