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Tracy's proposed changes to the organization of the wiki

Main Page


Membership Rules

Mission Statement




Filter System

Quick-View labeling standard



Group 3D Printer

3D Printer - ** ask Tobby if this is accurate

Goldfinger Cheatsheet

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter Build

Laser Cutter Materials

Laser Cutter Settings

Laser Hardware

Laser Operation Class

Laser Parts

LinuxCNC For Laser

Raster Engraving

About the space

Available Utilities - pretty outdated but probably important information

Tool Training

Using Inkscape with the Laser Cutter

Media Package

Social Media

Procedural information

Instructor Guidance


Board of Directors

Board Meetings - needs to be updated and all the single meeting pages standardized

Communication Director's Procedures

- Adding Events to Google Calendar

- Adding Events to Google+

- Adding Events to Social Media Pages and Calendars

- Adding Follow-up Photos to Social Media Pages

Introduction for New Communication Directors

Introduction to Who Said Meta Is Not Fun

Bookkeeping - this says 'proposed'. since we voted on it, I'd like to roll it into the Treasurers Procedures

Conflict of Interest Policy

End of Year Submittals

New Board Member Orientation

Officer Duties

President's Procedures

Procedure for Collecting Cash Dues

Procedure for Collections for Named Budgets

Procedure for Creating New Annual Accounting Spreadsheet Probably outdated

Procedure for Reconciling Accounting Spreadsheet with Accounts

Procedure for Recording Dues to Accounting System Spreadsheet

Procedure for how to select follow-up photos

Procedure for when to publicize an event

Secretary's Procedures

Treasurer's Procedures

Waiver of Liability


Incorporation History

Space History

Things we've done in the past:

Arduino Class Series

Build Notes - about the canoe

Carnifex - needs a better name - what is this even?

Chaos Race: Sierpinski Laser Game

ClusterPuck v1.0

Clusterpuck Test Table

Community Outreach

Core War


Earn A Computer



List of Events

Past Projects

Project ClusterPuck

Prusa Mendel

Road Trip to Hacker Consortium in Nashville

Steam Bending Box

Creating your own maker space

Adan's 3D printer notes **edit to make more general and ask Adan if it is up to date

Stuff about incorporating

- should be organized into more of a guide

Incorporation History

Corporate Structure

Pages that should be deleted

(status - complete) - this page has nothing on it except 'do not delete' and a link to some nonprofit stuff

About - only says 'info'

Asset Maintenance - blank

Blacksmithing at Abadonza Forge - interesting but literally 3 sentences - could be rolled into another page

Board To Do - 1. outdated 2. unnecessary? Is this the best place to keep a todo list?

Coding Night - seems like it was fun, but outdated

Collaborative Learn and Make Project essentially empty

Consumable hardware


Corporate - redirect

Database of items

Delicious Candy Coding - guessing this is not a thing anymore

Donate or Pay Dues - empty


ElectronicsResources - redirect

Emergency handling and Contacts blank

Event Ideas have something like this on the main site now

Files this is in the cloud

Flyers probably in the cloud

Future Projects

General consumables

Getting Here - a broken map

Getting In

Grand Opening Planning

Grand Opening Part II how many grand openings have we had!?

Grid location system not sure what this is even

Hacker Consortium Core Dump outdated

Hackers for Hire outdated

Hazards and damage

Hiking y'all go outside?

Hosting an Event


House Keeping

How to Become a Member - sort of redundant

Human Resources



Internet Resources

KMBC - looks like a nice idea that never went through with

KMBI Boatbuilding - outdated and not much information

KMBI Resources - same - maybe there could be one boat page if i could get info from someone

KM Interviews would be nice if they weren't all dead links

Kickstarter did we ever do one of these?

Knotes 001 bit old

Knox Maker Special Interest Groups


Main page draft 01

Main page draft 02

Main page draft 03

Main page draft 04

Makerbot Cupcake ??

MendelMax and pages

Move-in Checklist

Noble Styles

Organization Bwahahahaha

Past Workshops


Physical Resources

Policies and Procedures

Seems like cool pages, but not sure what to do with

Automated Smoker

Buy Everyone Pizza policy - is this a thing? do we do this? Perhaps belongs in ideas for creating your own makerspace

Clothing and safety equipment this probably should be a page but there is nothing on it atm

Current Projects maybe this could be a page - but who is going to update it?

Designated Responder system good idea - outdated tho

Donating Equipment - this is a lorem ipsum page but should be a thing

Electronics workbench design Seems cool - only broken pics tho

Equipment Donations and Loans probably good to have some type of record - this aint it tho

Fundraising Ideas pretty outdated i think - seems like a good idea - maybe under creating your own maker space

Group Buy could be a page - not sure where it would go

Location Candidates feel like should keep this but don't know where it should go

Maintenance Log seems like a good page - not up to date

Media Package seems like a really good idea - not up to date

Meeting Minutes should be organized somehow

New Member To Do Can be rolled into the secretarial duties

New Space To Do Outdated

Optical Communication in Free Space I have no idea what this is

Outreach Technology Cart I remember hearing about this - is this a thing?

Personal storage allocation This could certainly be fleshed out if needed

PropertyandStorageRules Seems like something we should have in place but currently do not

Proposed Bylaws Seems like this is a placeholder

Proposed Membership Rules

Proposed Mission Statement

Proposed Officer Duties

Sewing for Hackers

Shane's printer notes


Sponsored Group

Standards of labeling

Street team

Sugru Build

Tech 2020 Lunch and Learn with Ellen Kern of Stand and Deliver