Road Trip to Hacker Consortium in Nashville

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The Knoxville Makers Guild had an impressive turnout for our trip to Nashville with all nine of what are quickly becoming our "core" members able to attend. It was an awesome opportunity to get to see what the Hacker Consortium has been able to do with their space, and Mudflap, Seeblind, Skydog and the rest of the HC folks were fantastic hosts. It was even better that three members of Midsouth Makers were able to come over from Memphis as well and Joe, Dan and Mary had lots of great information for us to use to get our group up and running.


KMG founding member SamTheGiant posted pictures of the event to his Picasa account[1]

Lessons Learned

We're still sorting out the bodies, but our post-event brainstorm page is here: Hacker Consortium Core Dump