Add New Recurring Payment to Member

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  1. In the navigation menu on the left, select "Sales".
  2. In the top menu of the sales pane, select "Members". This will bring up a list of active members.
  3. Scroll to the member that you wish to add a recurring payment to, and click the drop down menu on the right hand side. Select "Create Pledge".
  4. This will bring up the pledge screen.
  5. Click "Make Recurring" at the bottom center of the pledge screen.
  6. Confirm that name in the upper left is correct on the pledge.
  7. Set the type to "Scheduled".
  8. Leave "Create _ Days in Advance" field blank.
  9. Set the interval to "Monthly", to execute on the "1st" day of every "1" Month.
  10. Set the start date for first invoice to be sent. This should be the first day of the following month. Per the policy of Knox Makers, if the member pays to join before the 15th of the month, their dues count toward the current calendar month. In that case, create a one-time charge for the member following the procedure here: Add a One-time Payment to a Member. If the member pays to join on or after the 15th of the month, their dues will count toward the next calendar month, so no further action is needed.
  11. Under "Product/Service" click the drop down menu. Select the appropriate dues type for this member, whether individual, sponsored, or student/senior.
  12. Once the dues type is selected, assign the item to "General" under the "Class" heading.
  13. Click the "Save Template".