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woodworking zone

Equipment Zone Authorization Owner(s) Status
SawStop table saw with out feed table Woodworking Yes Jondale Running
Bandsaw Woodworking Yes KnoxMakers Running
Jointer Woodworking Yes KnoxMakers Running
Drill Press Woodworking Yes Doug Running
Combination Sander Woodworking Yes Doug Running
Wood Lathe Woodworking Yes Jondale Running
Planer Woodworking Yes Doug Running
CNC Router Woodworking Yes Mike F Running
Miter Saw Woodworking Yes Mike F Running
Dust Collector Woodworking Yes Doug Running
Down Draft Table Woodworking Yes Dominique Running

machining zone

Equipment Zone Authorization Owner(s) Status
Bridgeport Mill Machining Yes Billy Running
Grizzly G0602 10" x 22" Lathe Machining Yes Dalton Running
Mini Mill Machining Yes Andy Running
7" x 10" Mini Lathe Machining Yes Andy Running
Drill Press Machining No Doug Running
Compound X/Y Slide Table Machining Yes Billy Running
Rockwell 20" Metal-Wood Variable Speed Band Saw Machining Yes KnoxMakers Being Installed
Small Horizontal Bandsaw Machining Yes Rob Running
Large Horizontal Bandsaw Machining Yes Greg Down
3' x 6' Workbench Machining No Rob Running
30 ton H-Frame Press Machining No Doug Running
3-in-1 Metal Shear/Brake/Roll Machining Yes Rob Running
Tubing Roller Machining No Rob Running
Arbor Press Machining No KnoxMakers Running
9" x 12" Surface Plate Machining No Andy Running
18" x 24" Surface Plate Machining No Billy Running

metalworking zone

Equipment Zone Authorization Owner(s) Status
Pedestal Grinder Metalworking No Greg Running
Bench Grinder Metalworking No KnoxMakers Running
TIG Welder Metalworking Yes Rob Running
Miller 211 MIG Welder Metalworking Yes Doug Running
Grey Plasma Cutter Metalworking Yes Rob Running
Blue Plasma Cutter Metalworking Yes Amanda Running
Sand Blaster Metalworking No Greg Running
Belt Sander Metalworking No KnoxMakers Running
Cutt off Chop Saw Metalworking No Andy Running
240v Spot Welder Metalworking No Rob Running

electronics zone

signal generator


power supplies

soldering workstations

hot air rework station with vacuum pickup

solder reflow oven

3D printing & scanning zone

RepRap Mendelmax 3D printer

fabric arts zone

computer-controlled embroidery machine

industrial sewing machines


Typical industrial sewing machine manual-media:Typical GC6-7D en 02.pdf

Brother industrial sewing machine manual-media:Brother DB2-B755-3.pdf

leatherworking zone

arts & crafts zone

vacuum chamber

foam cutter

large format printer

lasercutting zone 2.x laser cutter